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Brisant Ultion Locks in Bognor Regis

The very best lock protection for Bognor Regis homes

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Do you need an Ultion lock installed?

  • Fitting the highest security lock is the key
    Your door may look great, feel solid, and have a great multi-point locking system, but what’s the point if it can be disabled in a few seconds via an inadequate cylinder lock?
  • The ultimate in home lock security is here.
    The Ultion comes packed with the latest in anti-break in technology, and comes complete with a anti-snap guarantee.
  • Rock Solid Core
    Made of Molybdenum which is 25% denser than iron for Extreme durability.
  • As safe as houses.
    Ultion has gone above and beyond to load the Ultion Lock with as many security features as possible, because nobody should feel unsafe in their own home.
  • Anti-everything.
    Anti-pick. Anti-bump. Anti-drill. Ultion gives complete protection against break-ins attempts.
  • Ultion £2000 anti-snap Guarantee.
    Ultion are so confident in their locks that they will put their money where their mouth is — was £1000 – now £2000 to be exact.
  • Protected by KeyControl.
    Every Ultion lock comes with free KeyControl to stop unauthorised key copying.
  • Every Body Approves.
    Police preferred, approved by locksmiths, secure-by-design. Ultion is simply the industry’s choice

Check out our helpful video below:

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