Is your double glazed or UPVC door not closing or locking as it should?

Do you have a UPVC or double glazed door that dosen’t seem to be working or locking correctly?

Given all the wind, rain & damp that we have had recently it could be that your door lock or mechanism could be in need of repairing or replacing before the problem gets worse.

Some of the symptoms include;

The door not closing without the use of force or it scrapping on the base of the frame or not lining up with the door shut correctly.

The multipoint locking mechanism no longer engages correctly or appears to be seized!

The key is difficult to put in the cylinder, stuck in the cylinder or won’t turn fully!

The handle no longer returns to a horizontal position, is coming apart or no longer lifts up!

Whatever the problem is with your UPVC or double glazed door lock; Owen the Locksmith can help solve it, so call Owen the Locksmith now on 0800 458 5525 and book an appointment to have your UPVC or double glazed lock repaired.